WELCOME to the European Union Minor Uses Database EUMUDA !

EUMUDA is an important tool to collect the minor use needs from Member States, to follow-up on these needs and to manage all projects.

This database plays a key role in finding chemical and/or non-chemical solutions for minor uses gaps, within an Integrated Pest Management framework.

What information can I find in EUMUDA ?

  • A compiled list of minor uses needs from Member States.
  • An overview of ongoing projects and their status.
  • A table of crop acreages.
  • Reference lists of what are considered "minor uses" in different Member States and minor uses useful links (by clicking on the map below).

Not all information on individual projects is accessible for everybody. Rules for confidentiality and access rights have been implemented and can be found here.

The guide for users of EUMUDA is available and can be found here. Comments can be sent to the MUCF at contact@minoruses.eu

Currently, the MUCF and Member States are in the process to populate EUMUDA with more data.