National Crops Areas

Information on crop areas in the EU (minor and major crops) is currently sourced from EUROSTAT and is available here.

In the EUROSTAT database you can search for crop area (1000 ha) per crop, per Member State (as well as the whole EU) and per year.

In EUROSTAT, crops are often named as crop groups ("classes" or "aggregates"), which thus include various species.

You can find here the Eurostat Handbook for Annual Crop Statistics. It gives general definitions and the methodology used for annual crops statistics. In particular the following information is provided in Annexes: a list of crops and aggregates (Annex I), definitions on the crop items and aggregates used (Annex II), and hierarchical trees for crops (Annex III).

EUROSTAT uses a crop grouping system that is different to EPPO crop grouping and EU residue crop grouping. Crops in EUROSTAT in general do not correspond to individual (minor) crops. In addition, areas (cultivation/harvested/production) in EUROSTAT that are under 500 ha are considered "non-significant" and indicated with the value "0.00". For these reasons refined data from individual Member States can be very useful for minor crops. The MUCF has already received national crop area data from a number of Member States.

However mainly due to the differences in crop naming/ crop grouping systems between EUROSTAT and Member States, and between Member States, the MUCF needs to clarify how data on national crop areas will be displayed in EUMUDA.

The data already received from individual Member States will be archived, and over the course of 2018 will be published in EUMUDA.

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